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The Dorn Method

The Dorn Method is a very gentle and safe manual therapy which was developed to focus on the causes of common Back and Joint pain. It originated in Germany some 40 years ago where it has become very popular due to its simplicity, the ease with which it can be learned, and its many success stories. Dorn can now be found growing throughout the world including the UK where there are currently around 300 Complementary Therapists including those working in orthodox medicine who have had Dorn Method training.

Dorn is a Complementary Therapy employing techniques which have been designed to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints using a dynamic approach carried out rather uniquely with full active participation of the client. The Dorn Method avoids unnecessary stress to muscles and ligaments and involves no jerky manipulation, no thrust moves or ‘clicking’ and ‘crunching’ of joints which some people fear or dislike.

It is also a self-help system, where therapists promote good posture and teach a set of simple self-help exercises for clients to practice at home, the aim being to help maintain long term health and to help prevent back pain.

From humble beginnings to Global reach

Dorn has its origins in South Germany and has been used now for nearly 40 years by thousands of therapists and a number of Doctors, it can now be found being taught not only in the UK, but also as far away as the U.S.A., Hong Kong, Australia and The Philippines; in fact the growth of Dorn has now continued into well over 20 countries.

Dorn has also appeared on TV and radio with numerous articles published in specialist magazines and some well known consumer health publications. 

The growth and popularity of The Dorn Method is due in the most part to word of mouth recommendation from those who have received Dorn Method therapy, and by Therapists who have learned Dorn and then recommend it to other Therapists after observing excellent positive effects treating common back pain and other related conditions.

The Dorn Method is more than just a therapy

The first part of this trio-combination is the actual therapy, which focuses on looking for and correcting imbalances within the body. Here the therapist uses gentle and safe techniques that guide joints back into thier correct place, and used to begin the process of helping the body to restore itself to its optimum state.

Thirdly and importantly, Dorn also teaches a set of simple, easy to learn self-help exercises which are designed to be taken away and practised at home. These exercises are designed to help continue what a Dorn Therapist started, helping maintain balance in the body and therefore aim for good health over the long term. A few minutes spent each day for example on a simple leg length correction exercise, can help to keep the hip joint in place, and the spine sitting straight. Today these self-help exercises can be found being taught in some Kindergartens in Germany helping to educate the young to start looking after themselves. 

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